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What's in a name?

How did you name the little people and things nearest and dearest to your heart? KingLoSoul came through a series of events over years of experiences before it's time, but didn't actually come to life until I needed a blog name and needed it quick (or so I thought)...It all began longer than I care to admit with the first true love of my life, my cat! He was a giant black and white fur ball of love and when I say giant he used to stand on his hind legs as I would open his cans of food and put his front paws up on the counter top in anticipation of what he might be getting. He was over three feet long when he would stretch out and a whopping 18 lbs. He was perfect and he was my first little king. I lost him tragically in a fire and it was still to this day one of the hardest things that I have ever gone through, like tears filling my eyes as I write this well after a decade of this devastating event in my life. I believe in reincarnation and I prayed and prayed that he would come back to me in another form, perhaps even as my child (although at the time I couldn't even imagine having children). So when I found out that I was pregnant and having a son I couldn't help, but continue my hopes that it would be my little king coming back to me. Which lead me to the name Kingston. I loved it right away and knew that this would be the name that I would give my son.

Flash forward to four years later and I found out that I was pregnant again. A world wind of emotions came over me and the pregnancy wasn't meant to be. I lost her almost as quickly as I had known about her (but that is a story for another time). Truth be told, I think I was only 7-8 weeks pregnant so I didn't even know what the gender was but in my heart I knew that I had lost my daughter and her name would've been London. I have no ties to London or England, never been there and it's not even at the top of the list for my first European adventure if I ever get there...I will get there! Her name just came to me in total fate, I had never even heard of anyone named London before. A year later after really coming to terms with the idea that King would be my only child and I was actually ok with that, the universe revealed it's plan to me and I was pregnant again. The connection that was built from that moment on is the most unexplainable connection that I have ever had. I knew that I was pregnant literally the moment that it happened (TMI, but its true). I immediately stopped taking any medication (just in case) and took a pregnancy test as soon as possible and sure enough my London was safe and sound and happy as can be. I took a blood test around 10 weeks I think to detect for any birth defects and most importantly to me to tell me the gender. I remember getting the phone call and the woman telling me It's a girl! I wrote that down on a little piece of paper with a heart at the bottom of my exclamation point as my soul left my body and jumped high up in the air. I was getting my London back. With one child on his way into Kindergarten and another on her way to this world I had to think of a way to support myself and still be at home as much as possible. I had begun a jewelry business in 2013, but hadn't really developed it other than just opening up shop. At the time, Kingston was my only love (still hard to imagine loving someone else as much when you only have one at the time) so I named my business Love Kingston. Nothing else could've described me more at the time. I loved my Kingston, would do anything for him and he was my inspiration for everything.

So nowadays when you start a business, you start a Facebook, an Instagram, a Twitter, and the list goes on really, for that business. "Love Kingston" was already taken (how dare they!!) by a girl who hasn't even been active on Instagram since 2012 (all I can say here is at least it's a cat page, hahaha!), the irony, well actually it's not ironic, but it sure feels that way. So I had to go with Love Kingston Jewelry which suited me fine because it was a page for my jewelry after all. Then my not so little (in fact huge bundle of joy, weighing in at 11 lbs 4 oz, that was NOT a typo) arrived and suddenly the love that I had for this little being had surpassed all of the love that I had ever felt in my life all put together. Not to say that I loved her more than Kingston, but that my heart grew with such immensity was just astounding! My instagram page also began to change as I found this wonderful mom world within it and I found myself wanting a connection beyond my jewelry. So from Love Kingston Jewelry, we became @lovekingston3. I have developed quite a wonderful following since making my page public and suddenly brands and companies started contacting me to post about their products on my page. Now I was a stay at home mom (and once you become a stay at home mom and you lose touch with everything else) then it's like the outside world doesn't exist anymore. I had no clue that companies used instagram for advertising (insert monkey covering eyes emoji here!!) or that they used regular people for these advertisements. The only time I had ever heard the word influencer was on Bachelor in Paradise when Robby listed himself as an influence for his career and everyone completely mocked him for it. Well, I had to google what an influencer was at this time and I admit I laughed too. The term is just so silly to me, perhaps because of how it was first presented to me. Anyhow I still didn't know that "normal" and I'll use that term loosely because who knows if we are actually normal people do these ads. So how was I going to be able to take on this new role without internally mocking myself every time I thought or said the word influencer? I breathed a sigh of relief in the term blogger instead. Except I didn't actually have a blog. I had an instagram page with roughly 40k followers desperately wanting to get to 50k because at the time I was told over and over again by James Nord from A drink with James that this was the magic starting number.

At the beginning of the new year (2018) I had to make a choice in which way to proceed with my instagram (or as I called it "Pogging" because all I had was a photo blog, btw if "Pogging" becomes a word then I want to trademark that shit now)! I thought well I better put my money where my mouth is and start this blog thing. Blogging is exceptionally intimidating for me though. I come from the sex and the city era where bloggers end up having answers. I rarely have any, but I do have opinions and I've always been a writer so maybe somehow I can turn those opinions into answers at least sometimes. So I dug deep and thought about how I feel about my business now, my future business, and how my children may inherent this business (I'm speaking of the jewelry mostly) and that is how KingLoSoul was born. King is one of my nicknames for Kingston and has always been a significant term for me, Lo is one of my nicknames for London and they are together, my entire soul. KingLoSoul is me. It's made up of all of the best parts of me, which is them. Our past, present and future collide into one and here we are. What began as an urgency to determine a name for a blog that I may or may not use has become a large part of my identity and I couldn't be happier with the name that's come to be.